Protecting your business

Material Damage
To protect all assets of the business including buildings, fixtures/fittings, plant/machinery, office contents, stock, customers goods/work in progress etc from/against loss or damage.

Business Interruption
Financial compensation for the business following an insured loss under the Material Damage cover e.g. a fire, which results in loss of revenue and/or additional costs of working.

Goods in Transit / Marine
Whilst in transit via own vehicles or hauliers vehicles. Cover is available for imported/exported goods to/from other parts of the world.

Computer Breakdown
Breakdown of key computers/equipment/plant.
Increased Cost of Working/Reinstatement of Data following breakdown.

Whilst in the premises (in & out of safe) and during transit to & from the bank.

Commercial Legal Expenses
Cover is provided for legal expenses, including (in part) resulting awards, in defending or pursuing disputes involving employment /compensation, contract/tenancy and protection for property/tax/statutory licence.

Provides cover due to insolvency or failure to pay accounts due to default of customers to whom goods have been delivered or work done on credit terms.

Fidelity Guarantee
Provides cover for dishonest acts of employees including theft.

The periodic inspection of some types of plant & equipment is mandatory to comply with all relevant legislation and approved codes of practice.  Lifts/hoists, steam pressure vessels & systems, hot water boilers, refrigeration & air conditioning systems and fire protection systems.

Group Personal Accident/Sickness
Provides cover for entire workforce or selected persons on a 24 hour basis or for accidents at work only. Benefits include a lump sum payment for death, loss of a limb, permanent total disablement and a weekly payment for temporary disablement.

Annual Business Travel
Cover for companies whose staff travel abroad on business.

Kidnap & Ransom
Cover is provided for extortion following kidnap of executive.

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